Kindle Keyword Research

Learn how to find profitable Kindle keywords with strategies that actually work. (and no, I'm not going to tell you to brainstorm or go to the top 100 list)

Learn how to find profitable Kindle keywords with my over-the-shoulder video lesson. I give you a rare opportunity to see EXACTLY what I do to find Kindle keywords. 

The exact steps that has given me a stable passive income of $2,000+ every single month.

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This lesson is not edited or censored in anyway. I provide you a first hand look on how the whole research process looks like while giving you a breakdown on every single step of the process.


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Who needs this lesson?

You need this lesson if your books are failing to rank on Amazon's Kindle store. You may be choosing the wrong keywords, if you have published a few books already, but haven't been able to rank your books well on the Kindle search engine. 

You need this lesson if your books are ranking well on the Kindle store, but your sales are low. This only happens because you're choosing the wrong keywords to publish in. 

You need this lesson if you're still confused after watching and reading multiple Kindle Keyword tutorials. It makes sense when they're explaining but it's still confusing when you try looking for keywords yourself.

You need this lesson if your books are underperforming quickly after publishing them. They rank and sell well in the first few months and then drop into search engine oblivion. 

You need this lesson if you're brand new to Kindle publishing. This is the video every new publisher needs to watch to save time and money.

What's inside:

  • This lesson will show you keyword research strategies no one else is teaching. 
  • These are techniques big publishers are using but aren't telling you.
  • I show you the pitfalls and flaws of all the common techniques most courses teach, and why you're wasting your time if you use them. 
  • I go over the whole keyword research process from start to end in real time with a 1 hr video lesson.
  • I give real-time commentary and analysis of keywords on the Amazon Kindle store. 
  • You'll learn from directly watching how I do it in real-time, where I define clear keyword criteria and indicators to meet.
  • I also show you how to avoid bad keywords that are misleading to new publishers. 
  • I won't be giving you theories or confusing information without showing you how to do it. 
  • Everything is clear and concise to ensure the Kindle keyword research process is as simple as possible for you. 
  • Quick reference notes are available to download so you can always identify a good keyword from a bad one.
  • You get life-time access to all the content from this lesson and also all the updates I provide.

(Updates are made to keep this lesson relevant to the changing conditions of the Kindle store)



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I'm making this risk free for you 

Buy the lesson, go through the material and put it to action. I'll refund you if you still can't find profitable keywords by following the lesson criteria. 

This is what you get:

  • A 1 hour video lesson that shows you the entire Kindle keyword research process from start to finish
  • A PDF cheat sheet you can download to quickly identify a good keyword from a bad one
  • Real examples of bad keywords, okay keywords and good keywords in the Kindle store
  • A 15 point criteria list to shortlist your Keywords to the best ones
  • Detailed explanations as to WHAT makes a keyword profitable and WHY  
  • Learn the thought process of Kindle keyword research and not just the techniques so you'll never be confused again

FAQ frequently asked questions

How much can I make with Kindle?

Everyone can easily make $1000 per month without much effort. $5000 is where most people will reach if they apply what they learn effectively. And the few dedicated ones can earn up to $10,000 per month. 

How much you make will depend on how much you want to earn, and how fast you learn. 

How long does it take to make money? 

This will differ for everyone. It depends on a few things. How fast you learn, how fast you can publish and how profitable your books are.

I personally became profitable after 3 months with only 3 books and I continued to maintain my profitability by growing steadily. 

Why are your lessons so cheap?

I don't think my prices are cheap, instead I think my prices are fair. 

I'm a publisher just like you, and know what annoys me must annoy you too. So I set out to create a solution for the industry.

A lot of Kindle courses force you to buy an entire course when really all you want is help in a specific area. I give you the freedom to buy what you need instead of forcing you to buy all the other stuff at the same time. 

Why is your Kindle course so cheap?

Again, I don't think it's cheap. I think the price is fair. 

I know individual lessons may make sense to publishers that aren't brand new, but a full course will answer the needs of new publishers with zero experience.

I also know, new publishers don't have a lot of money to spend. Most people going into Kindle publishing have no entrepreneurial experience and are strapped for cash. 

Charging you $499, $297 or $199 like other Kindle courses is unethical and insane.  

(I could rant about the ridiculousness of Kindle course prices all day ,so I better stop here. But if you want to understand why I'm so against any Kindle course being above $100 then contact me. I would love to discuss with you)

Don't wait until you have a portfolio of bad books that aren't selling...

Winnie MD
Winnie MD
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Who is Winnie MD?

Hi, I'm Winnie and I've been a location independent entrepreneur for 4 years now. I focus on building sustainable passive income streams from around the web and travel the world while I do it. 

I've made over $120,000 online thus far, and I plan to make more while having fun at the same time.

Everyone deserves the chance to enjoy life and I want to give you that chance by teaching you everything I know about passive income. The same methods that allowed me to retire my parents, travel the world in style and enjoy months upon months of zero working hours.

You can visit my site to learn more about me.

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